Dr Frankie

IUD insertions, medical terminations of pregnancy, HIV PrEP and other GP services

When you’re sitting in the waiting room for a consult with me, the first thing you will probably notice is my laugh. I find joy in my work. My laugh is often heard throughout the clinic.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2004. I earned my Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practice in 2010.

I have extra training and experience in women’s and children’s health, and sexual health, including IUDs, medical terminations of pregnancy and HIV PrEP.

I have been living & working as a GP in the Geelong area since 2007. I love it here. I often bump into my patients walking around my neighbourhood. I ride my bike to work and will do home visits for patients on the way home when needed.

I have excellent relationships with local medical specialists, GPs and allied health professionals. Connecting my patients with the best local service for their particular needs is something I pride myself. I love being involved in teaching & examining at The School of Medicine at Deakin University.

In a time where everything is available on demand with a simple click of the mouse, it’s important to me to have a relationship with my patients. My patients have been with me for years, and I know them and their families well. My patients feel like they are talking to a trusted friend, who is also an expert in their field.