IUD Insertion Geelong

Choosing the best IUD for you is a personal decision with a lot of different factors to consider. I am here to guide and support you.

I completed my IUD training with Family Planning Victoria in 2015 and have been doing IUD insertions, replacements and removals regularly since then.

IUDs are safe, highly effective and convenient forms of contraception. There are two main types of IUDs, Hormonal and Copper.

IUDs can be fitted in the comfort and convenience of my consultation room.

The Mirena IUD is very effective for managing heavy periods.

Copper IUDs are a great option for women who prefer to avoid using hormones. They are also the most effective form of emergency contraception.

How Appointments Work

For IUD insertions and replacements, our first appointment will be a 30 minute consultation so I can guide you through your options and explain the procedure in more detail.

Our next appointment will be the IUD insertion. The insertion itself only takes a few minutes, but you will be in the clinic for about an hour. I refer all of my patients for an ultrasound scan after I have inserted an IUD.

Our final appointment is a standard 15 minute consultation 6 weeks after insertion.

IUD removals are a very simple procedure. These can be done in a standard 15 minute consultation. If you would like to avoid an unplanned pregnancy then the timing is important. Do not have sex for 7 days prior to having your IUD removed.

If you’re interested in having a Copper IUD for emergency contraception please call the clinic and ask for an on day appointment as timing is critical.

More information

For further accurate and reliable information please go to the Family Planning Victoria website. The video around pain with IUD insertion is especially helpful.