MTOP Geelong

Medical Terminations of Pregnancy (MTOP) Geelong

Some pregnancies are planned & some are not.

I understand that women at all stages of their reproductive life can find themselves faced with having to make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy.

I provide expert, confidential advice and support to help you explore all your available options.

I am a registered provider of ms2step. This the name of the drug used in medical terminations of pregnancy in Australia.

Medical termination of pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy is a safe and common medical procedure.

It can be done up to 63 days gestation.

I do not require a referral.

I do not require you to have had any tests done prior to seeing me. But it is very helpful if you have had an ultrasound scan to confirm dates and the location of the pregnancy, blood tests confirming your exact pregnancy hormone level and blood group.

What’s involved?

Medical terminations involve several appointments. Ideally, our first appointment is a long consultation. This can either be in person, or by phone or video. I will then organise for you to have blood tests and an ultrasound dating scan as quickly as possible. Usually these can be arranged within a few days. We have another appointment to discuss the results and organise prescriptions. I will then make two phone calls to you over the few days while you are taking the medication at home. We then have another appointment face to face after 2 weeks. I will help you choose a suitable contraceptive method moving forward, and if that is an IUD then I can insert one for you.

I understand timing is often very important. If you need an urgent appointment, please call the clinic directly. I do my best to fit you in on the day. It may not be a long consultation but we can at least have a quick chat and get things started.

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